När eftertexterna rullar..

Remembering, everything
About my world and when you came
Wondering, the change you'd bring
Means nothing else would be the same
Did you know, what you were doing?
Did you know how you would move me?
I don't really think so..
But the night came down and swept us away
And the stars, they seemed to paint the most elaborate scene..

How could we know, that song, this show - we learned so much about ourselves?

The words were scribed on every page..
And now there's books up on our shelves
Did you know, when the lights first came upon us,
and we saw the everglow, and the moments magic swept us away..
The young mans dream was almost seen so plain..

When was the night that showed us the sign?
Revealed in the sky to leave all behind..
But where to begin?
Throw the caution, to the wind
We'll reach for the stars


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