My last goodbye

I never knew I could feel this way.
Baby look into my eyes, I know, our love has died...
I know that this ain't right, I came to say goodbye, for the very last time.
Just hear this and then I'll go.
You gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know

I didn't know that I would be holding on, Oh no, I keep my memories inside.
I've come down to my last goodbye.
My heart is filled with pain, don't wanna play this game anymore.
Oh my, why can't I see, I need to seet you free.
You know I got to say it, but you got me wrong, kepp me going on all night long.

NO! This time I wont hang on too long, gotta keep moving on.
But still I'm keeping all the memories inside, baby please, tell me why?
Wasn't this suppose to be our last goodbye?

Emma Zetterberg


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